Open Thread Update: Thanksgiving

Last time I shared some thoughts about Thanksgiving and what I’m grateful for (the original post is at the end of this article, for those who missed it).

Readers shared what they are grateful for as well, and it’s a wonderful, thoughtful, uplifting read. Comments ranged from the quotidien…

“Thankful for Brandon Brown winning his first NASCAR race this year”


…to the epic:

“I am thankful that my parents managed to escape Hitler’s Germany in time to have me born here in the USA. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t be here to celebrate Thanksgiving.”


Many readers, like Ernestine, Rita and  Barb said they were grateful for their health,  especially during the pandemic.

“I’m simply happy to be alive. It’s been a long and difficult time coping with the pandemic. Look forward to when we could all see each other again.  Until then, wishing everyone a “Happy Holiday Season.”

Rita R. 

Some readers, like Bella, remained grateful despite a list of challenging circumstances (look it up in the comments) and others, like Geraldine G.  listed an array of reasons for gratitude that were uplifting and hopeful.

“…the many things I have that money can’t buy. Breath in my nostrils…eyes that still can take in the beauty that my Creator provides. My children whom I don’t have to worry about…nice clean place to live. And a God who promises to be with me in old age and so much more.”

-Geraldine G.

A special shout out to readers who mentioned Senior Planet…

“Grateful for life, love of family & friends, Covid19 vaccinations & staying free of the virus (knocking on wood) and this fun, fantastic Senior Planet community!”

-Bernadette S.

And a very personal ‘thank you” to Katherine M, who made it all worthwhile.

“I am grateful I read this article !!! Great ideas!!

-Katherine M.

We’ll keep the comments open, so feel free to add your own!

For those who missed it, the original column is below:

Gratitude is, to me, an antidote to resentment, fear, anger and anxiety. 

I pray when I go for my morning walk, and I always include a prayer of thanks and list about ten things.

Sure, there are some mornings when I have to dig really deep into the barrel to complete the list. (One time I was thankful that I have good hair.)

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep because my mind is running on the anxiety treadmill like a deranged hamster.  I think of my gratitude list, then, too. 

I find I have better dreams when I do.

I think I almost take for granted to be thankful for the Big Things, like health and my work, so sometimes it’s fun to think of the small, even silly things.

I’ve got good hair. My electric blanket. That I finally found someone to fix my stereo.

I’m especially grateful – more than anything else – for the hidden blessings: the close shaves, the narrow escapes, the long shots that came in, the lucky accidents. 

Sometimes I can tell what they were (the job I didn’t get at a company that turned out to be a horror show or the negative blood test).

Somehow, though, even when I don’t know what they were, thinking of my hidden blessings consoles me in a special way. 

They make me feel grateful because they affirm my belief that Someone is watching out for me and wants the best for me.

But that’s my gratitude list – which of course includes the chance to do these Open Threads! What’s on your gratitude list – big or little, silly or serious?

Let us know in the comments!!

Virge Randall is Senior Planet’s Managing Editor. She is also a freelance culture reporter who seeks out hidden gems and unsung (or undersung) treasures for Straus Newspapers; her blog “Don’t Get Me Started” puts a quirky new spin on Old School New York City. Send your suggestions for Open Threads to her at