Open Thread Update: I Said “God, I’m Old!” When….

Last time, I shared some of my “God, I”m old!’ moments – times when I really realized that time was passing and taking me along with it.

Plenty of readers (more than 50!) had plenty to share about their own “God, I’m Old” moments.

Reader Michael set the tone:

“I began to feel old when I started receiving junk mail from funeral directors” 

You want a What??

Some noted the blank stares they get when they reference technologies or products that we remember as popular (and easy to use!)

Amira got a ‘huh??” in a major chain store when she asked for “Rit Dye.” The clerk was stumped. She finally found it. 

Maybe the store clerk (at the nation’s largest retail chain) will remember it if he wants to make his faded jeans dark again.

Reader Diane S. had a similar response when shopping for a…wait for it…transistor radio.

“The salesperson looked at me as if I was from another planet and I had to describe what a transistor radio is. While each person sort of laughed, I told them both that when the next blackout hits, I’ll be the only one to know what’s going on!”

Ann had a similar experience with CD players. Just wait till you try to find a cassette recorder, Diane.

Pop Culture

We’re in a different world culturally, too.

Mike B. describes an etiquette stand-off in an elevator in his comment.  The comments about music were, well,….off the charts.

“I saw the albums I had as a teenager in a museum display about the 60’s”

-Linda H. 

I was at the museum exhibit, too, Linda! Here is my review if you’re interested. Imagine seeing Lou Reed perform for seven bucks.

Kate W. had to explain who Janis Joplin was, and reader Alison couldn’t identify most of the musicians when she checked Ticketmaster for concerts. And nobody recognizes who’s guest hosting SNL anymore!

Physical Changes

There were quite a few comments about physical changes and several about being called “the old lady”  and thus becoming ‘invisible.” Reader Ernie had a particularly compelling ‘God I’m Old” moment:

“When Ol’ Charlie down there doesn’t want to wake up and say hello! anymore.”

Social Insecurity

Quite a few readers mentioned that they felt old due to the changes in social life as spouses pass away and people move.  Sure, it’s different, but several readers offered practical tips and rays of hope.

“Start looking forward, not backward”


There’s much more wit and wisdom, some poignant and some funny (check out reader Bella’s list!)

It was interesting to note that so far, no one has commented about money or the cost of living, and only a few mentioned social media (and not as fans).

We’ll keep the comments open for a while so you can  add, comment, respond and share the event that made you realize “God, I’m old!”

Virge Randall is Senior Planet’s Managing Editor. She is also a freelance culture reporter who seeks out hidden gems and unsung (or undersung) treasures for Straus Newspapers; her blog “Don’t Get Me Started” puts a quirky new spin on Old School New York City. Send your suggestions for Open Threads to her at