Open Thread Update: Retirement. Ready?

Last time I mentioned my thoughts about retirement –  I”m not planning to quit my job because I love it and hope to do it forever…

…but I am starting to consider what life would be like at that stage…where I’d be, how I’d spend my time….and if I’d have enough money.

(Pause for a commercial break here about the deceptively named TRUST act  –  learn more here – and its attempt to use backroom deals to deny me and my peers a voice in any changes or debate. Please notify your Congressperson!)

There weren’t very many responses, but every one of them was thoughtful and insightful.

“I’m now taking the time to be introspective and gradually transition into my new way of life. This will guide me to my “what’s next.” The possibilities are endless. And that I will pursue with vigor!”

-Dee Gee

The comments, like Dee Gee’s, are thoughtful and inspiring.  How about you? Share your stories or tips in the comments!


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Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash