Open Thread Update: Opening Up? Or Still Closed?

The lockdown appears to be lifting – in spots, at least – and Spring is here – in spots, at least.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been going through this long, drawn out saga for more than a year. As more people get vaccinated, let’s hope things get back to normal soon  and for some readers, they are.

“I live in Phoenix AZ and the gym opened up for water aerobics recently.”

-Debbie A.

Every time I go outside, I see more people dining (outside, of course, and socially distanced), and the buzz and hum of life seems to be (slowly) returning, and with it the familiar rhythms of daily life.

“Our Church is doing the Easter Service in a local park–Thanks be to God!”

Jacqueline J.

And for others, the biggest and best part of the end of the lockdown is seeing family.

“My daughter & her family will be coming this weekend on their way to
Montana for a ski trip. I haven’t seen my 2 grandsons for 1&1/2 years.”

-Sandi A.

It’s gratifying to see some comments about Senior Planet and its efforts to keep people engaged, active and informed.  Let’s keep up the good work because we’re not all out of the woods yet!

We’ll keep the comments open for a while so you can continue to add your thoughts.




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