Open Thread Update: Call Me…Maybe

Last time, I mentioned several frustrating examples of miscommunications among friends and financial and medical professionals about how best to contact me, among other communications pet peeves.

Not alone!

Seems like my issues touched a chord  Several respondents said “thanks” or “Glad to see this” in the comments. (Thanks!) They weighed in with their comments, complaints and solutions.

Cellphone use (and abuse) is a big issue – many people (like me) reserve them for emergency use only, not day to day. Several readers simply don’t list or reveal their cellphone number to anyone but close family.

“I resolved the cellphone problem by not giving anyone the number! No point calling it, when it’s turned off and not on my person. It’s for my use when I’m out and need a phone.”

Helen W. 

Several people bemoaned the complexity of communications technology.

“it’s become ridiculously difficult to communicate.”

K. Dyani 

The comments also reveal issues with passwords and their complexity, robocalls, and people who prioritize the cellphone contacts over the person right in front of them – we really hit a nerve!

Your communications pet peeves?

Reader Bella’s comments are pretty long but very thoughtful – check it out as well as the rest of the comments, and make sure to add your own!


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