Open Thread: Speak, Memory

I remember a Gary Larson comic of a kid in a classroom raising his hand and saying “May I be excused? My brain is full.” It used to make me laugh. Now I give a rueful chuckle. It’s funny because it’s true. My brain is too full, and my memory can’t handle the load.

Some years ago I was an active trivia fan. (My late husband and I were in a league at a local bar and we often ran competitions.  After he passed away I did it solo.)  As a player, my teammates would remark at how quickly I could mentally retrieve a stray fact. We’d win pretty regularly at the Night Cafe – and all the bars that came after.

Memory Lapses

Photo: Courtesy NBC Radio

I began to suspect those days were over when I couldn’t instantly retrieve the name of the guy who sang “Calendar Girl.*” (Answer below.) Later, it took me several days to summon up the name of an early – and famous – actress and director (at left) of classic noir films. ** (Answer below). I kept wanting to call her Aldo Ray!


My memory was pretty rock solid.  After years of rote memorization in my grammar school, I had a pretty good memorization muscle…I’d memorize poetry for fun.

Now, I’m not so adept.  It can take an hour or even a day for a stray fact to bubble up to the surface, if ever. A recent news report about aging and memory had a comforting angle on this. Maybe Larson was right, after all. Maybe the accumulation of years of stray facts causes my memory lapses, and not the neutron bomb of aging: Alzheimers.  That’s the fear that lurks behind every time I go into a room and can’t recall why.

Memory Hacks

I am not at the point where I’ll take ‘memory vitamins” advertised on TV, although one doctor says diet can help. However, I have a set of memory hacks to help:

  • “Reader” eyeglasses all over my home.
  • I put my keys on a hook by the door the second I come in, so I don’t lose my keys
  • There’s a checklist by my door for keys, cash, phone, shopping list, etc. before I leave.
  • I wrote my landline password, pin # and account number on a piece of tape in back of my home phone, so I don’t have to hunt if I call tech support.
  • At staff meetings I take notes to help me retain what’s discussed and decided.(I prefer email, though, because my computer has a much better ‘handwriting” than me!)

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But what about you? What technology do you use  to help you remember? What are your  memory hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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*Neil Sadaka

**Ida Lupino