Open Thread Update: Facing up to Facebook

Last week (article below*), we dished about Facebook, and posted a poll about how you feel about Facebook.

Well the votes are in. According to our highly unscientific, shirtsleeve poll, a lot of us are fed up with Facebook:

Some 55 percent of the 244 respondents are Fed up and only 20 percent are Fans. Some respondents – about 16 percent – cancelled their Facebook accounts, and 9 percent never even had a Facebook account. So far it looks like Facebook is losing its appeal to many and there’s a big reason why…

“I only go on every few days, just to find out what my family is doing. Not interested in political stuff.”

-Fran L.

Other readers also cited how divisive FB has become as a real turn-off.

However those who like it really like it!

“I love reading what others that share my interests do and say, even with such an age disparity in most groups.”

Barbara L. 

Several commenters mentioned scams and attempted scams, and others noted that FB administration seems unbalanced in how they handle comments.

Facebook Faces the Music 

It looks like Facebook/Meta is facing the music, too.  Recently the company suffered a $232 billion drop in stock value, the largest one day loss in stock market history.

Take a spin through the comments, and see if you recognize any of the comments – and share your own!

Original Article:

It used to be so easy.  Answer a few questions, add a few friends, and boom!  The world opened up.  I could go online and join a group of people I went to grammar school with, get a quick read on what’s going on with friends and post my freelance writing for friends, family and acquaintances.

Uh oh

Over time, though, Facebook became less fun. The political fights, unasked-for opinions, and the sheer volume of information, pix, IMs and more became too much. I was actually getting depressed when I logged in. I didn’t recognize a lot of the people asking for invites to join my list. I became more concerned about privacy and very concerned about scams and identity theft.

Drive By Friendships?

Another big issue for me is something I call “drive by friendships.”  People post a pic of their vacation, or an update on how they are feeling, and that’s all the communication from them I get…but if I don’t respond, or don’t respond in a timely manner – they get butthurt.


So I’ve been off Facebook for a few years and I’m toying with dropping it in favor of more Real Life – phone calls, letters, even emails.  (Not to mention that trying to login now after such a long hiatus is really involved and annoying). I’m wondering if Facebook is even worth it to me.

But how about you? Are you fed up with Facebook? A fan?  What do you use it for? Take our poll and tell us more in the comments!


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