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Holiday GIFS for You!

The GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format) is an image file made of several related pictures (the branch image below is made of 23 pictures) layered in an endless loop.  However you pronounce it (like the peanut butter or with a hard ‘g” – the…

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Christmakkah Holiday Cookies

Here’s another favorite from the Senior Planet archives. Enjoy!    Hanukkah, Christmas… time to think outside the cookie jar. For the holidays, baker Norma Saulino created some brand-new treats by mixing elements from well-worn recipe cards with her own take on new favorites from the web….

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Aging with Attitude 2020!

Learning how our interviewees think about “aging with attitude” is a gift that keeps on giving at year-end. Here’s a quick summary about ‘Aging with Attitude” from all our profiles throughout 2020 – all the more compelling given our ongoing challenges. Celebrity actor and…

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Ask Joan: Conflicted Widower

Have a question about relationships and sex for seniors?  Every month Senior Planet’s award-winning senior sexpert Joan Price answers questions about everything from loss of desire to solo sex and partner issues. Subscribe now (do it here) and don’t miss a single column. Senior…

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Ask Joan: Quickies!!

Normally, my Sex at Our Age column presents one detailed reader question and my detailed answer. Occasionally I switch it up to give you “Quickies”: a few short questions and answers. These are always popular with readers, so here’s another round!  Husband Watches Porn Secretly Q…

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Meet and Make Friends Online

The online world can be a wonderful place to meet people….but many find it a frustrating place where people brag about hundreds of “friends” they’ve never met. Connectivity online may not mean connections online. Forming true connections First, find people who share your interests…

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Work at Home for Seniors