Open Thread Update: Your Money Hacks!

Looks like lots of readers think being frugal is fun, and shared many of their money saving ideas.

Envelope Bonanza!

I was pleased to see that readers liked my envelope tip (I repurpose envelopes sent to me for bills I now pay by phone by using blank address labels to cover the window or the address).  Some take it several steps further and use them for scrap paper, like reader Rose, or Phyllis S.,

“..the junk mail envelope itself or the envelope inside for the many many medicare offers is usually white and blank on the back. I carefully disassemble them and use the white space as note paper…Have not bought paper in years!”

-Phyllis S.  

Money saving habits

Now that inflation is imminent, many readers are happy to share their tips. Although no one is at the level of Amy Dacyczyn and her “The Tightwad Gazette,” reader Rose comes close (scan down the comments for all her tips!). There still plenty of good money saving tips even Thrifty Amy might envy:

“I use liquid soap rather than shaving cream. It’s clear……allowing me to see better when I shape my beard. Over the years has saved some bucks. I also use gas to compare gas prices in my town vs. neighboring towns…”



One reader changed where she shops, and found savings…

“I use car window cleaner instead of buying household ones. Much stronger and cheaper!”

-Linda P.

…while reader Roberta K. swears by the Dollar Store.

It’s great to see how many people agree with me that being frugal is fun. Take a spin through the comments,  add your own  money saving tips, and let the savings begin!



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