Fitness Tech You Can Wear

Fitness technology no longer sits on your laptop, tablet or phone.  Now it’s even…something you wear, thanks to wearable fitness technology gadgets.

On a recent morning, Malvina Abbott, 78, a public defender in San Diego, was in her apartment catching up on emails, and the time got away from her. That’s when her Galaxy smart watch, which knew she had been sitting too long, asked: “How about a walk?”

Fitness Technology reminders like that, she says, help to keep her fit and healthy. “I was just at the doctor’s yesterday and she said that I am in ‘great shape,”’ Abbott says. She attributes that good news to her non-stop ”energizer bunny” lifestyle and her swimming, dancing, stretching and walking.

Fitness tech to the rescue

Her smart watch, in tandem with her smart phone, keep her on track for all her activities. “I swim almost every single day, and it keeps track of my strokes, the time, my breathing. When I go for a walk, it keeps track of my steps. If I feel like it I can input all the food I eat, and it will keep track of my calories. Every week, on Sunday, I plan all the meals for the week. It helps me maintain weight and avoid sugar.”

Don’t Fear the Tech

“There are so many seniors who don’t want to be bothered with technology, or are afraid,” she says. She’s definitely not one of them, but stresses to those not as tech-savvy as she that it’s fine to just use the features you like or need. The user is in control.

“There are so many seniors who don’t want to be bothered with technology, or are afraid.”

A new white paper discusses the growing interest and importance of staying plugged in, or learning to plug in ( for newcomers). Doing so can banish isolation while keeping seniors fit, well and socially connected. If hesitant seniors try to think of the technology as simply the route to meet their goals, learning all those bells, whistles and other how-to’s on fitness technology might suddenly seem less frustrating. Want to learn more? Read the whitepaper HERE.

Wait, there’s more!

Want more info on the latest tech?  Check out this report from when Senior Planet “attended” the Consumer Electronics Show. And check our events newsletter for information about an upcoming Fitness Platforms Course from Senior Planet from AARP, in partnership with CDW, a leading provider of information technology in healthcare and other arenas.

The weekly sessions will focus on mobile health apps (Google Fit, iPhone Health app), fitness apps to track exercise as well as nutrition and sleep, wearable devices such as smart watches, online health resources and the internet of things (the giant network of connected devices that can help keep track of health measures). At the classes, instructors will talk about pros and cons of different features. Everyone needs a little help with that, due to the sheer number of options. In a recent report, researchers found 423 unique devices from 132 different brands. Help!!

This article offered by Senior Planet and Older Adults Technology Services is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.


Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash