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Being well, staying well in a post-pandemic world

Dear friends,

These have not been easy times for any of us. We are eager to move past this pandemic, enjoy the summer and stay as healthy as we possibly can as we return to ‘normal’. As our Quebec Liberal Party’s Critic for Mental Health, I know how taxing this past year has been. Here is how our D’Arcy-McGee Liberal Association hopes to help you on a path towards the continued mental wellness you each so deserve: On Tuesday, June 22nd at 6:30 p.m., we invite you to join us for a virtual event Being well, staying well in a post-pandemic world. It will be a hands-on opportunity for you to learn from four experts about how to take good care of yourself and those you love.

This important event is being organized by your D’Arcy-McGee Liberal Association. Your $30 donation will secure your admission to the evening and get you an automatic subscription for new members or a one-year renewal of your Quebec Liberal Party membership at the same time. Your support will help me, our Leader Dominique Anglade and our entire team continue to represent you, and to prepare a modern, dynamic and inclusive alternative for the 2022 Quebec election.

Here is how you sign up:

  1. Email us right back at to say, “Yes, I will attend the panel on mental health on June 22nd” or give us a call at 438-378-9643.
  2. Go to and make your $30 donation, under ‘Quebec Liberal Party’, and then select the ‘D’Arcy-McGee’ riding.
  3. We will send you an email confirmation, your membership renewal confirmation and a one-step Zoom link to connect you directly to the June 22nd event.

I look forward to seeing you!

David Birnbaum


Work at Home for Seniors