Aging with Attitude: A Year in Review

So we’ve all finally made it – the end of 2021 – the year that said “Hold my beer” when we wondered if 2021 would be an improvement over 2020.

On the other hand, though, we’ve got lots of inspiration through the year about Aging with Attitude, as described by just some of our interviewees, from the famous….

“To me it means that you still like to wear your favorite clothes and colors and not necessarily chose the clothes meant for someone who is a bit older. It’s about continuing to be hip with the jackets, shoes and hair, with a little swagger.”

-George Lopez

To our Senior Planet Supporters who #ShineOnline (meet some of them here)…

…to all the folks who attend our classes to make a change, or learn something new.

Aging means changing. Life is changing. Change is normal. In Buddhism it’s the same thing. Everything is changing – look at the sky, it’s changing. 

Kathy Mathieson

“Most people know what my attitude is when we talk about the issues. With age, I’ve gotten better at listening to all the information before making my grand statement.” 

Barbara Witte Howell

“I have been looking to improve the quality of my life as I get older. I am learning a lot more things. And I feel more empowered. Instead of asking “can you do this for me?” I ask “can you show me how to do this?”

-Loretta Campbell

Of course, our Senior Planet Sponsored Athletes (learn about them here) live the Aging with Attitude lifestyle with every bounce on a rebounder, weightlifting medal or lawn bowling event.

How about you? What does Aging with Attitude mean to you? Let us know in the comments! .