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Forced Retirement

Forced Retirement Doesn’t Mean the End of Your Career Will Rogers once spoke about how half your life is wasted attempting to find something to fill the void of all the time you rushed around trying to save. Most people have many productive years…

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Senior OnLine Entrepreneurs

Common Obstacles for Senior Entrepreneurs Senior entrepreneurs often begin their online journey out of necessity. Perhaps they involuntarily lost their jobs through no fault of their own or had to retire on a savings that’s totally inadequate for today’s cost of living. There are…

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Seniors and Computers and the Internet

What Seniors Need to Know About Working on a Computer from Home Seniors are clamoring to learn about computers and the Internet so they can make money to supplement their retirement incomes and socialize with others. They’re part of a movement which can keep…

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Second Career for Senior Citizens

Seniors today are coming out of retirement with energy and excitement for the next stage and possible second career of their lives. For many, it’s an exciting time knowing they have the skills and the methods for developing their own businesses that will help…

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Work at Home for Seniors