Review: Silversea Cruises in Scandinavia

Silversea Silver Moon Scandinavia Route MapReview: Silversea Cruises in Scandinavia

Here is our review of Silversea Cruises as we sailed on the Silver Moon in Scandinavia.

Carol and I are just home from a fabulous cruise of Scandinavia sailing with our friends at Silversea Cruises.

So that I don’t bury the lead, this was the best 5-star cruise we have yet to experience. The destination, the ship, the crew, and the cuisine were as close to perfection as we’ve ever encountered.

If you recall, I was raving about our Silversea experience in the Galapagos. But having sailed with them twice this year, our confidence level has gone WAY up in recommending this brand to our clients.

When one sails with a company that calls itself “ultra-luxury,” you expect the best of the best.  Well, Silversea delivered that in spades.  We loved the experience and were beyond impressed.

So let’s dig into this a little more.

Views from a mountain top in Leon, Norway as we sailed with Silversea Cruises

Leon, Norway, atop a mountain. Click for a large view.

Silversea Cruises

If you’re unfamiliar with Silversea, first let me share that they are on our list of favorite ocean cruise lines.

Silversea is a five-star cruise line and offers guests two different tiers of pricing:

  • Door-to-Door: All-inclusive pricing with door-to-door service from your front door.
  • Port-to-Port: This option is for those who might prefer to book their own flights. However, the cruise is still highly all-inclusive.

You can read more about their two-tiered pricing structure at this link.

Another benefit we enjoy with Silversea is that they have been swamped building new ships with even more on the way. And lastly, Silversea offers guests 5-star luxury ocean cruises and 5-star expedition cruises.

Why We Loved our Scandinavian Cruise with Silversea

The Destination

Carol aboard a Viking ship replica in Nordfjordeid, Norway

Carol aboard a Viking ship replica.

Our cruise was an 11-day cruise that started in Stockholm, then Copenhage, up into the Norwegian Fjords, and ended in Southampton, England.

Stockholm was fabulous (we’d like to go back), but the primary reason we picked this particular cruise was to sail in the extraordinary fjords of Norway.

The weather was nearly perfect every day, and the seas were smooth (except for a few hours in the North Sea as we headed to England).

And as you can see in our photographs above, we were blessed with a few nights of the Northern Lights—a very pleasant surprise.

Folks, if you have not been to Scandinavia, we highly recommend that you put it at the top of your bucket list. The landscapes are breathtaking, the people are amiable, and it left me wanting more.

I can see us heading back to Norway to visit the country’s northern regions, Svalbard, and Iceland.

The Ship

When I first laid my eyes on the Silversea Silver Moon, my first thought was elegant.

The captain described her as a “boutique” ship, which I think fits well. She holds a maximum of 596 passengers with a crew capacity of 411.  She was built in 2020, but with Covid laying her up for two years, the Silver Moon is in all ways a brand new ship.

I will get to this later in this post, but remarkably, this small ship has eight dining options. Further, there are thirteen comfortable public spaces spread throughout the ship. We never felt like there were crowds to contend with, and with all of the options available outside of your stateroom, it will take you quite a while to explore the available options. We were beyond impressed with the design of the Silver Moon.

Carol and I love boutique hotels, and this luxury boutique ship was a joy to behold and experience. To learn more about the public areas on the ship, please CLICK HERE.

The Silver Moon is an all-suite ship with butler service available in all suites.  The suites range in size from 225 sq. ft to the Grand Suite, configuring nearly 2,000 square feet.

We stayed in one of the 947 sq. ft. Owner’s Suites.  It was spacious and, more importantly comfortable.  We’ve been on cruise ships where I couldn’t find a comfortable piece of furniture in the suite. That was not the case here.  It was the perfect home-away-from-home to enjoy our 11-day cruise. If fact, it was so comfortable that Carol struggled more than once to get me out of our suite.

This is our favorite ship in the 5-star luxury cruise space.  

And to make this all even more exciting, the Silver Moon has two other sister ships: the Silver Muse, and the brand-new Silver Dawn, released in 2022.

The Food

The food.  Where do I begin? Let me say that we are foodies and we’ve eaten in some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Against that backdrop, the cuisine on the Silversea Silver Moon was absolutely the best cuisine we’ve had at sea.  By far.

Remarkably, all eight restaurants had the four of us (we brought our neighbors on the journey with us) gobsmacked.

I enjoyed New Zealand Lamb in Atlantide, Glazed Duck and Crêpes in La Damé, Osso Bucco and Lasagna in La Terrazza, Tobiko (fish roe) Rainbow in Kaiseki, and a fabulous pizza at Spaccanapoli; we had our butler set up a three-course dining experience in the dining room in our suite, I enjoyed Scandinavian Pulled Duck in the S.A.L.T. Kitchen, Moulard Duck in the jazz club dining experience in the Silver Note, Surf & Turf that we cooked at our table on “hot rocks” at The Grill, Baby Turbot in Madras Sauce back in Atlantide, and every morning our butler brought us breakfast as we lounged in our jammies.

I don’t know how to express my thoughts.  Folks, every single meal was a hit out of the park.  I lie awake at night and dream about that Baby Turbo in Madras Sauce.  I was going to ask for the recipe, but I forgot.  WAH!

Summing It all up

As you read about our fabulous experience, you must remember that there are 4-star, 4.5-star, and 5-star cruise lines in our catalog.

Therefore, when we gush about this 5-star experience, we do not intend to compare this experience with an experience we’ve had on a 4.5-star cruise line, for example.  They are apples and oranges.

I’ll repeat: our Silversea sailing on the Silver Moon was the best 5-star experience we’ve had to date.  Everything, really, everything, was just perfect.

We highly recommend that you experience a 5-star ocean cruise with Silversea. We can’t wait to do it again.  Next time, maybe on their brand-new Silver Dawn.

One last thought: if you think that you can’t afford a Silversea cruise, take a peek at this price comparison between Silversea and some of the “premium” cruise lines: CLICK HERE.  When you add up all costs to experience a Silversea cruise, it is more affordable than you might think. Click that link and check it out.

How to Book a Silversea Luxury Expedition Cruise

Get complimentary VIP perks when booking through a Virtuoso MemberSilversea Cruises is a part of our Virtuoso Voyages program.

ThWhenou book a Silversea Cruises sailing through Roaming Boomers Travel Services, you will receive exclusive complimentary amenities on select sailings that you wouldn’t get by booking directly with the company.

You’ll also enjoy our hands-on expert service and care for your booking.

And, the price is exactly the same whether you book with us or directly with the company. Therefore, please take advantage of our expertise and perks.

For more information or to book a fun Silversea cruise, please call Roaming Boomers Travel Services at (480) 550-1235 or use our convenient online inquest (click here), and we’ll reach out to you.

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