Expedition Cruising: The Next Travel Megatrend

Expedition Cruising: The Next Travel Megatrend

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Expedition Cruising: The Next Travel Megatrend

Expedition cruising is about to catapult itself as the next travel megatrend.

According to Cruise Industry News, there were 63 expedition ships on the water in 2020. Remarkably, that number will grow to 107 by the end of 2023.

That is 44 new expedition ships offering guests the ability to explore remote regions of the world in 4-5-star luxury.

Luxury baby boomer travelers gleefully flocked to river cruising as an alternative to ocean cruising. The cruise industry obliged with 100s of new river cruise ships.

As people began to enjoy sailing on smaller ships, we saw the ocean cruise industry respond with dozens of 4-5-star luxury ocean ships that carried upwards of 900 people instead of those floating mega-cities taking upwards of 6,000 people.

And now, we’re on the cusp of a new megatrend as these new expedition ships enter the marketplace.

Silver Origin cruising the Galapagos Islands.

Silver Origin cruising the Galapagos Islands.

44 New Expedition Ships Coming in the Next Two Years

One of the most accessible places to sample one of these new expedition ships is in the Galapagos Islands off the shores of Ecuador, in South America.

Quito is a four-hour flight from Miami, and another flight will have you in the Galapagos Islands from Quito in under three hours.

Carol and I will soon be off to the Galapagos Islands to enjoy our first expedition cruise.

Because of the relative ease of getting to the Galapagos Islands, combined with the fact that the Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination, we thought we would make this destination our first expedition experience.

And for our very first expedition ship experience, we have chosen to sail aboard the brand-new Silver Origin with our friends from Silversea.

Check out our article: The Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Galapagos Islands.

Viking Expedition Ship

Computer mockup of a Viking expedition ship.


As we ponder the growing field of expedition ships coming down the pike, I thought it important to share our favorite expedition cruise brands.

We’ve had clients share their reviews as they beat us to the punch, and we’ve also learned to recommend only those cruise lines that can make it through the vetting process of our Virtuoso Travel Network.

Here, in alphabetical order, are our favorite expedition cruise brands:

There are other, smaller niche players in the expedition cruise space in our portfolio  But this list represents the largest players in the marketplace, and is a very good place to begin our conversations with you.

How to Book an Expedition Cruise

Get complimentary VIP perks when booking through a Virtuoso MemberThese expedition cruise lines are all part of our Virtuoso Voyages program.

This means that when you book an expedition cruise through Roaming Boomers Travel Services, you will receive exclusive complimentary amenities on select sailings that you wouldn’t get by booking directly with the company.

Additionally, you will also enjoy our hands-on expert service and care for your booking.

And, the price is exactly the same whether you book with us or book directly with the company  Therefore, take advantage of our expertise and perks.

For more information or to book a fun expedition cruise, please call Roaming Boomers Travel Services at (480) 550-1235 or use our convenient online information request (click here), and we’ll reach out to you.

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