COVID Travel Update June 2022COVID Travel Update: June 2022

Here is a critical COVID travel update for June 2022.

As we shared with you last week, the federal government has lifted the PCR test required before reentry into the U.S. from another country.

This is excellent news, but it has created a new groundswell of everchanging travel regulations that you must be aware of before international travel.

Most importantly, PCR testing before international travel and overseas PCR test requirements are being removed.

However, several countries and travel brands will still require a PCR test.

Therefore, we recommend that you keep a close eye on your international travel requirements in three places:

Where to Find International Covid-19 travel restrictions

  1. Our BeWise Travel Entry Guide: Be sure to monitor this site for changing travel restrictions from country to country
  2. Your Airline: Ensure that your airline has all your contact information. If flight changes or travel restriction changes occur, they will alert you.  However, be proactive and check the airline’s website.  They will have your travel protocols listed.
  3. Your Travel Brand: Travel brands have adapted their websites to give you the latest travel requirements from their perspectives. For example, a country might not require a PCR test, but your travel brand still might have that requirement. For Viking travelers, you will find this information on under “Know Before You Go.” For all other travel brands, this information is listed prominently on their websites and by email communications with their travelers.

You must pay attention to and monitor these everchanging requirements at least 6-weeks before international travel. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling to find an acceptable last-minute test.

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